Facebook Clone Installation Guide

*** Please follow these steps to install “Facebook Clone Solution” .

1. Unzip downloaded package .

2. Go to your Cpanel, choose phpMyAdmin, upload database from unzip folder database\moo_facebook_solution.sql .


3. Upload all files and folders in the zip file (except for database folder) into your web folder on your server.

Please set the following directories are writable by the web server user (e.g. change permission to 755 ): app/Config, app/tmp and all its subdirectories, app/webroot/uploads and all its subdirectories.

4. Open app\Config\config.php, update your database name, your database username and password field, save file .


Assume your site url is www.example.com

5. Please use current admin account to access site

Username : moo@moosocial.com

Password : 123456

6. If you purchased mobile apps also, please contact us at support@moosocial.com to work with our mobile team to get apps published to Apple Store and Google Play.

Also join our community group to discuss, ask question and help us improve this product .

Last Updated On July 19, 2019