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 ===== PayPal Adaptive Payment Setup ===== ===== PayPal Adaptive Payment Setup =====
 +<font 9pt/​arial;;#​FF0000;;#​ffffff>​** AppID: APP-80W284485P519543T ** is for **testing only**. It cannot be used to accept real payments and can only be used with API Access info obtained from **PayPal Sandbox accounts**. Never use your **real** PayPal Account'​s API Access info with ** AppID: APP-80W284485P519543T ** for either testing (Test mode) purpose or going Live. Using real PayPal accounts (as either sender or receiver) in Test mode will not work according to PayPal'​s restrictions.</​font>​
 Create your live Classic API credentials from the site as follows: Create your live Classic API credentials from the site as follows:
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