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 {{:​admin_dashboard:​system_admin:​system_settings:​c9fbcc31def39c92a54e71cd79ec5170.png}} {{:​admin_dashboard:​system_admin:​system_settings:​c9fbcc31def39c92a54e71cd79ec5170.png}}
-#User Subscription Detail+//#User Subscription Detail// 
 +With Action column, Admin can set users subcriptions status. 
 +Example, admin sets an expired user to be active: 
 +//#At Action Column, press on dropdown button and select your decision, in this case, we select Active to active this user.// 
 +After selected Active, there will be a confirmation displayed 
 +//#Actions confirmation//​ 
 +Everything next is just confirm the decision and that user will be in Active status. 
 +**Note: Users with Initial status cannot be changed, Initial status reflects users are not subscribed to any package/​plan,​ Admin cannot select package/​plan for users.**
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