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-====== How to Access mooSocial'​s Admin Dashboard ====== 
-To access mooSocial'​s Admin Dashboard, go to your mooSocial website and login with an admin account (email address and password) ​ 
-{{ :​how_to:​accessadmindashboard-01.png |Access Admin Dashboard 01}} 
-Once logged in, locate the "Admin Dashboard"​ menu in user's dropdown list. Optionally, you could add /admin to your site's URL (//Example:​admin//​) to go to the Admin Dashboard section. ​ 
-{{ :​how_to:​accessadmindashboard-02.png |Access Admin Dashboard 02}} 
-Log in to Admin Dashboard using the same admin account. ​ 
-{{ :​how_to:​accessadmindashboard-03.png |}} 
-NOTE: //Only mooSocial administrator will see and be able to access these links. This double authentication process prevents unauthorized or accidental access to Admin Dashboard when admin account is being used on a shared or public computer.// 
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