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-====== How to Access mooSocial'​s Admin Dashboard ====== 
-To access mooSocial'​s Admin Dashboard, go to your mooSocial website and login with an admin account (email address and password) ​ 
-{{ :​how_to:​accessadmindashboard-01.png |Access Admin Dashboard 01}} 
-Once logged in, locate the "Admin Dashboard"​ menu in user's dropdown list. Optionally, you could add /admin to your site's URL (//Example:​admin//​) to go to the Admin Dashboard section. ​ 
-{{ :​how_to:​accessadmindashboard-02.png |Access Admin Dashboard 02}} 
-Log in to Admin Dashboard using the same admin account. ​ 
-{{ :​how_to:​accessadmindashboard-03.png |Access Admin Dashboard 03}} 
-NOTE: //Only your mooSocial website'​s administrator(s) will see and be able to access these links. This double authentication process prevents unauthorized or accidental access to Admin Dashboard when admin account is being used on a shared or public computer.// 
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