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 //#2/ Press Ok to confirm// //#2/ Press Ok to confirm//
-Now you can see your Single Column template is now selected ​with no Left Column and Right Column.+Now you can see your Single Column template is now selected ​without any Left Column and Right Column.
 {{:​how_to:​b5934906670ac1e50658c6b7584e0369.png}} {{:​how_to:​b5934906670ac1e50658c6b7584e0369.png}}
 //#The Single Column Template// //#The Single Column Template//
 +===== III - Apply the Close Network Landing Page widget =====
 +You can find Closed Network Signup Widget in Available Blocks, simply just drag and drop it to your Template.
 +*You can leave the remaining widget from default or remove it for better looking. I suggest we only use one Closded Network Signup Widget in this template.
 +//#1/ Find the Closed Network Landing Page widget.//
 +//#2/ Drag and Drop it to your template.//
 +//#* You can remove all widgets excepts single Close Network Landing Page widget for better looking.//
 +Now, you will have to save your settings by pressing on Save Changes at top.
 +//# Press on Save Changes to make your settings come up.//
 +Now we returns to Front-end, at Landing Page.
 +Congratulations,​ the new look of your site:
 +//***The Landing Page is available for Guests only! ** //
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