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   - Your Account Name.   - Your Account Name.
   - Your Website Name.   - Your Website Name.
-  - Your Website URL, you must select between **http:// ** or ** https://** correctly.+  - Your Website URL, you must select between **http:// ** or **  https://** correctly.
   - Select your Category, whatever you want.   - Select your Category, whatever you want.
   - Select Timezone for Reporting.   - Select Timezone for Reporting.
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 //#Accept Terms & Agreement// //#Accept Terms & Agreement//
 +In the next step, you are now having tracking code displayed, copy it.
 +//#Your Tracking Code//
 +Go to Admin Dashboad/​System Settings/​Intergration,​ paste all the content to the box, and save settings.
 +//#Paste tracking code to your Admin Dashboard settings.//
 +Last but not least, return to Admin Home, clearing old caches.
 +//#Clear Caches in Admin Home//
 +Everything is done! Congratulations!
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