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It is very easy to translate mooSocial to your language. The default language file can be located at app/Locale/eng/LC_MESSAGES/default.po. If you want to translate mooSocial to a language that is not already in the Locale folder, you can copy the default language folder to a new folder (e.g. fra) and start translating the new language file using your favorite text editor (use UTF-8 to avoid problems). The language folder name must conform to the ISO 639-2 standard.

The msgid must be the english language string. This means it must not be changed. The one that contains the translation is msgstr.

To install the new language after uploading the language folder to Locale folder, go to Admin Panel → Languages Manager → Not Installed Languages then click Install. It is necessary to clear Global Cache when using a new Language by going to Admin Dashboard → Clear Global Cache.

Note: use Poedit from to easily edit the .po files

II/How to use Poedit:

Find our language package, located at [mooSocial/app/Locale/], look for a folder eng, this is English default language, copy this folder and paste into location you preferred (backup)


#eng folder contains English language, copy & paste to your preferred location.

Now we start translating the backup:

Open poedit and select Create new translation


#Select Create New Translation

Select a po file in eng/LC_Messages:


#1 Select PO Translation files filter.

#2 Choose default.po located at [eng/LC_message/].

The poedit will ask your language for the translation, as example, to Vietnamese:


#Select your language.

The poedit layout explanation:


#1 The original text strings

#2 Translation strings

#3 Suggestion for translation (dictionary)

#4 Source text

#5 Translation

There are 2 ways to translate:

First, we can translate text string manually, click on the text string you want to translate and input your language to Translation text box:


#1 Select string you want to translate

#2 Input your translation

Second, the suggestion for translation, click on the text string you want to translate, then select any of suggestion:


#1 Select text string

#2 Select suggestion

After translation is done, press save button and continue.


#Press save button

Now change your language package folder's name, within 3 letters, ex: vie (Vietnamese), copy this folder into [yourmooSocial/app/Locale/]


#Change your translated language folder's name and copy & paste into [yourmooSocial/app/Locale]

Open Admin Dashboard and go to Site Manager/Languages Manager/Not Installed Languages.

Now press on the install button


#Press on Install button to start installing new language.

Wait for the install process is completed.

After successfully installed, users can change to new language:


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