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Language packages and Languages Manager

How to translate moosocial to your language

Join and help make mooSocial and its add-ons multi-language. You can contribute by doing the translation for your site using our translation tool.

Translation tool: . Please sign up an account and contribute. We're very appreciated your contribution.

You can download language packages for mooSocial and addone for free at then follow the below instructions to install them into your mooSocial site.

I/How to install new language:

1. How to install new language for your mooSocial:

When you already had the language package, then put the language folder into [yourmoofolder/app/locale]

Example, we added Spanish language:


#Copy the language folder to [yourmoofolder/app/locale/]

Now go to Admin Dashboard/Site Manager/Languages Manager/Not Installed Languages, press install button:


#Pressing 'Install' to start installing new language.

Wait for the package installed successfully.


#The Languages list

Done, now you can see at front-end:


#The Spanish has been added.

2. How to install new language for mooSocial plugin:

Same as “1. How to install new language for your mooSocial”, change path to upload new language:

Upload the new language folder to [yourmoofolder/app/Plugin/“Plugin name”/Locale]

II/Languages Manager:

Languages Manager located in [Admin Dashboard/Site Manager/Languages Manager/]. Admin can manage Languages, add new Languages.


#Languages manager layout

You can delete a language, simply just click on the trash bin icon at 'Actions' column:


#Press on trash bin icon to delete a language.

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