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Theme Manager

I/How to install new theme for your mooSocial:

When you already had the theme package, then put the all folders into [yourmoofolder/app/]

Example, we added 'mytheme' theme:

#Copy theme folder to [yourmoofolder/app/]

Now go to Admin Dashboard/Site Manager/Theme Manager/Not Installed Theme, and press Install button:


#Press Install button to begin.

After installation, there will be a Message:


#Installation successful.

Now at front-end, users can see new theme has been added:


#New theme has been added.

II/Managing Themes:

You can Download or Delete themes at Themes Manager, now take a look at Actions Column:


#Theme Manager & Actions Column.

You can delete theme, just simply clicking on Trash Bin button:


#Click on Trash Bin button to delete a theme.

You can download a theme as a package by clickin on Download button:


#Click on download button.

Then download the package as a zip file:


#Package downloaded.

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