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Spam Challenges

Administrators can add unlimited challenge questions and users need to answer a random question correctly in order to register.

Can set more than one answer for a question. Useful if a question might have more than one possible answer such as numerical and strings

(Example Question: 2+2 = ? then 4 and four are both accepted answer.)

1. To enable this feature, click System SettingsSecurityEnable Spam Challenge

2. To add new challenge question(s), select “Spam Challenges” under System Admin control and click on “Add New” button.


3. A popup will be shown and user could input the Question and possible Answers to this question

(Case is not sensitive means the answers in capital letters or lower case letters all are accepted).


4. You can add as many questions as you want. Only active questions will be selected randomly to ask users when they sign up while the Inactive questions will never be asked.

spam2.jpg5. Whenever Spam Challenge setting is Enabled, new users have to answer a challenge question in order to register.


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