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1/Allow Guest To Search: This settings will enable/disable Guests searching in any module. If disabled, guests will encounter an message that tells them to login/register.

6-2-2015_11-32-48_am.jpg#The results page now displayed as error message mentioned login/register.

2/Photo theater mode:

3/Enable Activities Feed Selection: Enable/Disable user’s options to choose filter Friends Only or Every One at Activites Feed.

4/Hide Activities Feed From Guests: This settings will show/hide activities feed from guests. If enabled, Guests cannot see any feed at activities feed.

6-2-2015_11-32-48_am.jpg#The activites feed are hidden.

5/Save Original Image: Enable to store original images when users uploading photos.

6/Force Login: When enabled, Guests will be redirected to login page after accessing for any plugin or item (like blogs, topics, photos…etc)


#Login page will show after user accessed to any plugin or item.

7/Disable Registration: This setting will enable/disable registrations.

8/Registration Notifications: Enable to receive notification emails of your Site Email Address whenever a new user signed up.

9/Allow User To Select Theme: This setting will disable/enable users right of changing theme.

10/Allow User To Select Language: This setting will disable/enable users right of changing language.

11/Allow Name Change: This setting will disable/enable user from changing name in Profile Information.

12/Allow User Name Change: This setting will disable/enable user from changing username in Profile Information.

13/Require Birthday: Enable to force user provide his birthday during signing up.

14/Allow Profile Picture Upload During Sign Up: The setting will disable/enable profile picture uploading during user signing up.

15/Allow And Require Profile Picture During Sign Up: When enabled, this will force user to upload his profile picture during signing up.

16/Auto Add Friend with: New registered users will be friends with user-s that you input in this field.


#1 Input users name that you want new users to be friends with.

#2 Save settings.


#Now we can see at new feed that new user has been friends with users in Auto Add Friend.

17/Auto Load More: The items list will load more items automatically when scrolling down.

18/Enable hashtag on activity feed:

19/Enable Cookies:

20/Deny Url:

21/Allow sending message to non-friend:

22/Hide dislike:

23/Enable “Unspecified” Gender:

*Press Save Settings after any change.

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