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Trigger Access Key

The trigger access key is a randomly generated key used in the configuration of the system running the jobs to prevent unauthorized jobs from running in the task scheduler. To regenerate the key, click on the “(generate)” button.

Trigger Interval

The trigger interval sets how long the Task Scheduler should wait before running the next set of jobs.

Concurrent Processes

This is the number of processes (tasks + jobs) that are allowed to run at the same time. If your server has more cpu resources then you can try increasing the number of concurrent processes.

Tasks Run per Request

The number of tasks run per request is the number of times a certain job can run during one batch of tasks run in the Task Scheduler.

Time per Request

The time per request is the maximum time a job is allowed to run before it is stopped. If your server allowed ini_get() to read the php server's max_execution_time directive, then it will automatically change it to the max_execution_time set by the PHP server.

Process Timeout

The process timeout is the maximum time a job is allowed to be kept sleeping before it is deemed as a failed job. After the job has been marked as failed, the job will be freed to be able to run again either manually or during the next cycle.

Concurrent Jobs

This is the maximum number of jobs that can run at the same time. The number of jobs will not be able to run more concurrent jobs than the number of concurrent processes allowed above. If there are 3 concurrent processes allowed then the system and no tasks are running on the system, then it will only be able to run at most 3 concurrent jobs. If your server has more cpu resources then you can try increasing the number of concurrent jobs.

Javascript Enable

Enable/Disable Cron job auto call when users go to site.

You will need to click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen to save any changes you have made to the Task Scheduler Settings before they will be taken into effect.

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