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Add more content widgets to your home page or any page you want by using homeblock plugin. This plugin includes a collection of widgets from different plugins like Blogs, Event, Groups, Recipes, Businesses, Feedbacks, Campaigns and Quizzes.

Compatibility:                mooSocial   3.1.7+,
Product Version:           1.0
Product News and Discussion: click here

List of widgets :

  • Latest Blogs Widget
  • Latest Events Widget
  • Latest Groups Widget
  • Latest Photos Widget
  • Latest Topics Widget
  • Latest Videos Widget
  • Latest Recipes Widget
  • Most Liked Blogs Widget
  • Most Joined Events Widget
  • Most Joined Groups Widget
  • Most Liked Photos Widget
  • Most Liked Topics Widget
  • Most LIked Videos Widget
  • Newest Campaigns Widget
  • Latest Businesses Widget
  • Featured Feedbacks Widget
  • Most Liked Quizzes Widget

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