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mooSocial is the best social network script to create a niche community or social site. It is features packed, highly configurable, expandable with many quality add-ons. mooSocial is mobile-friendly ready, it is easily accessible thru mobile web or Android and iOS mobile apps. Start your community site in minutes, It is easy to use even without design or programing skills.
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Great aftermarket customer services

Reviewed by Eddie Alder

Fantastic product and customer support!

Reviewed by Brett Cohen

I have had only good experiences with the software mooSocial

Reviewed by Dejan Dejan

Hands down the best social network software period!

Reviewed by Julian Hughes
  • Cake Php
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Cloudfront
  • Support Php 7

Features & Screenshots

mooSocial is a "white labeled" php social network software built using CakePHP.
It is light, fast, easy to customize, and mobile-friendly.

Full Feature

With all the features to build a successful social network e.g. blog, photo, group, event, video, topic…


MooSocial supports many monetization methods such as advertising placement services, ad-free membership or exclusive access rights.


It has a lightweight codebase which will run blazingly fast even on a shared web hosting service.

Mobile Apps

Our publishable mobile apps will bring your community closer customer’s finger tip and allow you to engage with your members in a whole new way.


Expand your social network easily, affordably with high-quality plugins and themes made by the same team.

Internationalization (I18n)

MooSocial is able to cater to users in different languages. It can handle multiple languages, scripts and cultural conventions (currency, sorting rules, number and dates formats…) without the need for redesign.

  • Full Features  - Click here to see a full list of features

    User Profile

    • Activity Feed
    • Friends
    • Profile Privacy Settings
    • Profile Cover Picture
    • Profile Search
    • Searchable Custom Profile Fields
    • Featured Profile
    • Friendly Profile URL

    Video Sharing

    • Easily Share Youtube/Vimeo Videos
    • Privacy Options
    • Comments & Likes
    • Tags
    • Social Sharing
    • Videos Search & Category
    • Related Videos

    User Group

    • Activity Feed
    • Group Photos, Videos, Topics
    • Invitation System
    • Privacy Options
    • Featured Groups
    • Group Search & Category
    • Social Sharing
    • Membership Approval

    User Blog

    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Privacy Options
    • Comments & Likes
    • Tags
    • Images Uploader
    • Social Sharing
    • Blogs Search

    Discussion Topics

    • Attachments
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Comments & Likes
    • Tags
    • Social Sharing
    • Topics Search & Category
    • Pin/Lock Topic

    Photo Album

    • Photo Tagging
    • Privacy Options
    • Comments & Likes
    • Tags
    • Easy Uploader
    • Social Sharing
    • Albums Search & Category

    Admin Panel

    • Admin Notifications
    • Custom Blocks
    • Easy Logo Changer
    • Bulk Mail
    • Spam Challenges
    • User Roles/Permissions
    • Pages Manager
    • Hooks Manager
    • Plugins Manager
    • Themes Manager
    • Languages Manager


    • Mobile Site
    • Private Message
    • Notifications Center
    • Friends Suggestion
    • URL & Video Parsing in Activity Feed
    • Upload Photo in Activity Feed
    • Facebook Integration
    • Global Search
    • Item Reporting

    Event Management

    • RSVP Tracking
    • Activity Feed
    • Invitation System
    • Privacy Options
    • Event Search & Category
    • Social Sharing
    • Event Map

    Monetize Features

    • Membership Subscription
    • PayPal Adaptive Payments
    • Ad Network Support

Pricing + Combo

Standard License

$ 149


Standard License
+ Android/IOS Apps

$ 299

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Standard License
+ IOS & Android App

$ 449

See What’s Included



Want a unique feature? A specialized
plugin? or even some simple changes?
Sure! Our Customization Team will
develop it for you quickly and


Distinguish your site with style. Our
Design Team knows how to create
unique visual experiences which are
crucial to the success of your business.


Have a Social Network already but
wanted to move to mooSocial? No
problem, our Digital Mover Team will
have you settled in your new home


Installing mooSocial is a "no brainer".
However, if you do not want to be
bothered with it, we could help to get
your new site up and running in no time.


It doesn't matter which version you
currently have, or even if our script was
modified. We can upgrade your site to
the greatest and latest with everything


We can get mooSocial integrated with
any service out there whether it is a
payment gateway or a CMS. As long as
there is API access, We can do it.

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Will I be able to download updates in the future if I buy now?
Yes, all updates are free to download as long as your license is active.
What happens after my license expires?
If you want to continue receiving updates, you can renew your license for additional cost. Otherwise, you can continue using the software on your site.
How much does it cost to renew my license?
$49 for every 12 months.
Is the source code encrypted?
No, you have 100% access to the source code.
Can I modify the software to meet my requirements?
Yes, you can do whatever modifications that you wish.
Do I need to have any mooSocial branding on my site?
Absolutely not. Unlike other prodducts, we do not force you to have our branding on your site
Do you offer custom service?
Yes, we do provide custom theme & development service. Please contact us for more details
What payment methods do you accept?
Currently, we accept Paypal, Visa/Master card (via Paypal), Western Union and MoneyGram
Is it easy to translate the software?
Yes, very easy. All the language strings are in a single language file. You can also install a third party software to make your translation even easier.
What are the server requirements?
  • PHP 5.3 with short tags enabled or PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5+
  • PHP extensions: MySql PDO, GD2, Curl, libxml, exif, zlib (if you need to export theme)
  • Magic quotes must be disabled
  • Memory Limit: 128M+
  • Apache server with mod_rewrite
Do you offer trial version?
We do not have a trial version at the moment. Please test it on the demo site as much as you need.
Can I redistribute or resell mooSocial?
No, you are not allowed to redistribute or resell mooSocial in any way.
What is your refund policy?
You will be refunded only if we cannot get mooSocial installed properly on your server within 7 days so make sure you test everything on the demo site and happy with it before you buy.
Can I extend my support service?
Yes, support service can be purchased for $39/month.