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Product Description

MP3 Music Listing is a great plugin for creating a MP3 music social directory. This mooSocial plugin features everything you would need to create music social network. The features are including creating playlist, create albums, add song to favorite, rate albums, songs… are vital for successful music social network.

Compatibility:                mooSocial   2.4.x, 2.5.x, 2.6.x, 3.0 , Mobi apps
Product Version:           1.0 – 1.1 – 1.2 – 1.21 – 1.3 – 1.4 – 1.41 – 1.42
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Main features:

– Allow User to play Songs, all songs in a Album on Full Player or Mini Player.
– Integration with SoundCloud.
– HTML5 player that can work on any mobi devices.
– Keyword search capability to search song, albums….
– Integrate with mooSocial’s search, tag and hashtag.
– Category supported.
– Tag system.
– Multi-Language capability.
– Responsive web capability.
– Widgetized Pages for Music Home, Browse Pages for Music Albums, Songs, Artists, Playlists, Singers, View detail for Album, Song, Artist, Playlist, Singer
– Slider widget for featured songs/albums

Front End

Browse albums

  • Display all available albums.
  • Can create new album, upload song, edit, delete, rate, add favorite, add playlist, play, comment, like, share and report.
  • Upload Cover and thumb picture for album.
  • Search for specific albums and sort by most Recent / Most Played….
  • Each album shows full information such as Album Name, Uploaded by, rating details…
  • Widgets: Top Comment Albums, Top like Albums, Top View Albums…

Browse Songs

  • Display all available songs.
  • Can upload song, edit, delete, rate, add favorite, add playlist, download, play, comment, like, share and report.
  • Search for specific songs.
  • Browse by Categories.
  • Each song shows full information such as Song Title, Singer, Posted Date, Uploader Name, Number of Plays, Ability to Download and Add Song To Playlist.
  • Widgets: Top Comment Songs, Top like Songs, Top Play Songs….

Browse Playlists

  • Display all available playlists.
  • Can create new playlist, delete, rate, add favorite, play, comment, like, share and report.
  • Search for specific playlists.
  • Thumb picture for playlist.
  • Widgets: Top Comment Playlists, Top like Playlists, Top View Playlists…

Browse Artists

  • Can rate, add favorite an artist.
  • Search Artist.
  • Widgets: Top Rate Artists, Favorite Artists…

Browse Singers

  • Can rate, add favorite a singer.
  • Search singers.
  • Widgets: Top rate Signers, Favorite singers….

Back end:

– Albums Manager.
– Songs Manager.
– Playlists Manager
– Artists Manager.
– Singers Manager.
– Categories managers.

– Plugin Settings

+ Enable/disable plugin
+ Enable/disable SoundCloud integration
+ Item per pages configuration.
+ Enable/disable Music Hashtag
+ Configure terms and conditions
+ By pass force login setting.

..And many more features..please check out at demo site.


+ Fixed: Security issue – can add data for any users when edit item
+ Fixed: XSS issue


+ Fixed: bug upload cover album and song when enable S3

+ Compatible with 3.0.2
+ Compatible with MooApp 1.2

+ Fix category translate

+ Fix thumb image when share detail Album,Song,Artist,Singer,Playlist

+ Compatible with 2.6.x

+ Compatible with 2.5.x


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