Magic Page Plugin Release

Group 8

We are pleased to announce the release of Magic Page plugin, the most versatile plugin on mooSocial platform. It can help to create a beautiful landing page. It can also change any basic static pages like about us, terms of service and privacy policy to more structural pages with very little modification.

And finally, Magic Page can also change 2 system pages that most people will not notice which are: error page and offline page. These are minor pages but when having a ability to design it to your own way will increase the creditability of any social network.


+ Create beautiful Landing Pages on your mooSocial site easily.
+ Create static pages like: about us, terms of service and privacy policy pages.
+ Easily implement your own custom design for: error page, landing page and site offline page.


Front end demo: Please check landing page of . The landing page this site is created using Magic page plugin. You can manage all contents, blocks…inside the landing page thru magic page plugin.
Backend demo:
Please note that the backend demo and font end demo does not link together, so that if you change at backend, you can’t see updates at front end

Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2021


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We wish you all the best!

mooSocial 3.1.5 release


image_2021_08_05T09_30_09_009ZWe are pleased to announce the release of mooSocial 3.1.5. The 3.1.5 version comes with the new default theme, a lot of improvements and addresses a lot of found bugs from the previous version.

Below are Change Log / Updates


1. Default theme improvements, see more details at . Main improvements
+  Dark mode
+ IU/UX improvements
+ Add option to hide/show, reorder the tabs in member profile page. (
+ Advanced settings for theme
2. Language manager: Added option to change text and translate
3. Support php 4.0
4. New Emoji system
5. Improve search function for all of core plugins
6. Update follows new policies change from facebook.
7. Redirect member to home page after logout instead of sign in page.
8. Removed “close” button at photo details page.
9. Removed the “My blogs, my photos….” from left panel menu at home page because they’re there in member profile.

Fixed bugs

1. Can not delete a subscription package at manage packages.
2. Fixed some spelling mistakes
3. Fixed Drag and drop issue at what’s new section
4. Can post an empty comment issue
5. Fixed amazon s3 issue
6. Fixed reset password issue, it show warning “…is required”
7. Some minor bugs.

Upgrade to 3.1.5 notes:

  • New version is available to download at client area
  • All of the paid plugins are not fully compatible with the 3.1.5 version yet. Please check the list here for more details. If all of the plugins that you’re using are inside this list. You can upgrade.
  • Mobile apps version 1.4 is NOT compatible with 3.1.5 version yet. We’re still testing it with 3.1.5.  UPDATED 02-SEP: THE MOBILE APPS ARE NOW COMPATIBLE WITH 3.1.5
  • Paid themes: most of them are compatible with 3.1.5, Please check the list here
  • Customized theme: you need to upgrade to make it works with 3.1.5
  • DO NOT upgrade your live site until you have a full backup of your site’s files, database and have successfully performed a test upgrade on your development (test) site first.

mooSocial Team

mooMessenger Apps Release

Thanks for waiting for the mooMessenger apps. Finally it’s here and ready to purchase. It’s a great tool for you to take the communication of your community to a whole new level. It’s secure and supports group chat, audio/video calls, messages, emoticons, typing Indicators, attachments, etc. mooMessenger is available in both web and Mobile Applications. Thus, your users can communicate with others through any device.

We believe this app is a great add ons that can help you grow your niche social network to new heights

Group 13

We have 15% discount for all of our products to celebrate this release. Isn’t that amazing? Discount code MOOMESSENGER. Expire on 15-June

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