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This plugin provides secure JSON REST API for your mooSocial based website. It provides a standardized programmatic interface between your mooSocial based website and outside applications, thus enabling all types of integrations with external applications and development environments.

If you already purchased mobi apps, it’s part of the apps and do not need to purchase it separately.

Compatibility:                mooSocial  3.0.x, mobi apps version 1.2+ , contact us if you want to get api for mooApp lower version.
Product Version:           1.1, 1.2
News and Discussion:  Click here

API document: here

— Highlights features—

– Provides a standardized programmatic interface between your Moosocial website and mobile applications.
– Enables all types of integrations with external applications and development environments.
– REST API: This API uses standard HTTP methods such as PUT, GET, POST and DELETE.
– API clients need to include state information (OAuth token) in their requests to the server and vice versa.
– JSON: Uses JSON for data exchange. Familiar directory-structure-like URL structures.
– Support ALL mooSocial Core plugin (Blogs,Topics,Events,…) , Core function (Notification,Message,Share,Search,…) . Do not support paid plugins and plugins from 3rd party developers.
– Secure API: We’ve done the best to ensure that this API is highly secure: OAuth: API uses the popular OAuth open standard for authorization for the client as well as user authorization. Every user is assigned a unique, client-specific OAuth Token for identification.
– SSL (HTTPS) support: API requests and responses work well on HTTPS. We recommend all API requests to be sent on SSL.
– API Consumer Key and Consumer Secret: Every API Client is assigned a unique Consumer Key and a unique Consumer Secret. All API requests from a client should be signed with their respective credentials.

— FAQ —

- I want to extend these APIs for other modules that are used on my website. Is this possible? If yes, then how?
— Yes, this is possible. To extend these APIs for other modules/plugins, please contact us, our developers are willing to help. You can hire other developers to ask them help.

- What are the limitations of this API?

~ The API currently does not support payments.
~ Paid plugins and 3rd party plugin do not support at this moment.

-Is this easy to install?

— Yes, absolutely! This plugin will install seamlessly on your mooSocial as other plugins.

-What will my plugin download contain?
— The plugin download will be a zipped file, that includes plugin package, api document and the installation file.

-Is this a stand-alone plugin?
— Yes, no other plugins are required to run this plugin.

- I want to customize this plugin according to the offerings and design of my site. Can you help me?
— Yes, please contact us with your customization requirements.

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