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Product Description

Want a unique feature? A specialized plugin? Don’t want to wait for new product version? or even some simple changes to make existing feature matches with your business processes and model?

Sure! Our Customization Team will develop it for you quickly and efficiently. The customization is developed by highly qualified developers from mooSocial team who understand mooSocial’s architecture and execution. So that, the deliverable will be security guarantees and peace-of-mind in meeting the specific needs of the customer.


  • Plugin Development/Customization or platform integration.
    Develop a mooSocial plugin that meets your requirements or customize of any existing mooSocial plugins to fit your business model or integrate other platforms into mooSocial

  • Project Development
    Have a project in mind, we can be your back-end development team who help you from developing ideas, create a mockup & design and implement the whole project then support you to make sure your site run smoothly after it’s launched.

  • Hosting Setup
    We can consult the hosting requirement that fit your current requirements and set up auto-scaling based on server usage if you need to. We can also help you troubleshoot the hosting issues and install the missing extension when using mooSocial.


  • Get the requirements from customer and clarify it to make sure that we’re on same page. We will use mockup/wireframe tool…to clarify.
  • Estimate time and cost to implement the requests.
  • Create project milestones (release plan and payment milestones)
  • Implement the requests and test at staging site.
  • Customer will do acceptance test at staging site
  • Bug fixing and do improvements/changes.
  • Upload the all changes to customer’s server. You should backup all of source code as we will remove source code from our server after it’s delivered.
  • 30 days of maintenance


Fixed cost: $25 per hour, for small changes and very clear to estimate requests.

Time-material: $25 per hour, for the new concept/ideas that customer does not have clearly concept yet. Our consultants We will work closely with customer to clarify requirements, give suggestions and send a rough estimation. If customer accepted the solution and rough estimation, we will start working on the design (mockup/wireframe). After the mockup/design is approved we will start implementation stage (go thru main processes above). In this case, payment milestones will be weekly.
Every week on Tuesday, we will send a report that contains list of tasks done and time spent for each task of previous week. If there is no problem with time spent, invoice need to be paid within 3 working days from sent date. Total amount in the invoice each week will depend on actual time spend of previous week. This pricing method is suitable for customer who keep changing the ideas and don’t want to take to much time to discuss about the estimation and want to get the change done asap. It also suitable for customer who want our team as back-end development team who will take care everything about the site when it’s launched. If site have any problems or owner needs any changes, team will take action right away. Resource will be dedicated to project like this and task from project that is using this method will be at very high priority.


  • Technical specification of the items to be customized.
  • Source files created to meet customer’s request.
  • Documentation to explain the customization performed.
  • Customizations installed in the customer’s environment.


  • Online Project Tracking Management System
  • Online Billing System
  • Online wireframe tool.
  • Chat system (Skype)
  • Working hours: 8:30 AM- 6:00 PM Monday-Friday, GMT+7
  • Urgent Contact

Please contact us if you have any inquiries or questions. Hope to co-operate with you.