mooSocial Migration Service


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Product Description

Datingscript, crea8social, Ning, phpFox, SocialEngine, Oxwall, Chameleon… to mooSocial Migration

Here are steps to use our Migration service to import all users from your crea8social, Datingscript, Ning, phpFox, SocialEngine, Oxwall… site to mooSocial.

1. Purchase this service.
2. Export your Ning Members information and Provide us CSV file if your existing site is Ning. More details If your existing site is phpfox, social engine, oxwall… please send use site and server details to access your existing users.
3. Provide us the following information of your mooSocial website:

+ Site Admin details:
– Email
– Password
+ Site FTP details:
– Host
– Username
– Password

What Gets Imported?

+ Their name on your existing Network
+ Profile avatar if possible.
+ Their email address
+ Their birthday
+ any answers they’ve supplied to the Profile Questions on your network


Members’ Passwords: Normally, all passwords are encrypted so that we can’t import. We will automatically generate a new password for each member. Your users can log in for the first time by using the “Forgot Password” feature. You need to send an announcement to all members after the importing process is done. You can use “Bulk mail” feature provides by mooSocial to send email.

Please initiate a Support Ticket here to send us the required information at #2 and #3 above. We will finish the process within 1-> 2 weeks (business hours)