Flutterwave Payment Gateway


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Product Description

Flutterwave payment gateway is a payment gateway plugin that extends mooSocial, allowing your members to make payments via Flutterwave when purchase subscription package (one-time type package), buy ads placement, buy featured for ads, jobs….

Importance:  does not support trial, recurring and split payment

Compatibility:                mooSocial   3.2.0+
Product Version:           1.0
Product News and Discussion: click here

Installing the Plugin

The installation of the plugin is just like any other plugin installation for mooSocial. Please see installation guide.txt attached inside package for more details.


image_2024_04_10T10_12_24_546Z image_2024_04_10T10_13_01_665Z image_2024_04_10T10_10_41_499Z image_2024_04_10T10_07_08_492Z image_2024_04_10T10_08_16_381Z image_2024_04_10T10_08_33_276Z image_2024_04_10T10_08_50_920Z image_2024_04_10T10_09_46_950Z

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