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Online forums are an effective community-building tool where your website visitors can participate by posting questions, sharing solutions, new ideas, etc. Your forum could be a Q&A platform, discussion board, knowledge sharing space, or a problem-solving support zone. If you want to extend your mooSocial based Social Network  to have Discussion Board feature, Forum Plugin is the perfect you. It has all features of a forum should have

Mobile App Support: Yes
Product Version and Compatibility:
– 1.0 for mooSocial 3.1.2 to 3.1.4
– 1.0.1 for mooSocial 3.1.2 to 3.1.4
– 1.1 for mooSocial 3.1.5+
– 1.2 for mooSocial 3.1.8+
– 1.3 for mooSocial 3.2.0

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Core features:

  • My Contribution: allows users to:  View the Topics / Posts created or replied by them, Access the topics / posts that they have liked, subscribed.
  • Create Signature: Allows you to have a signature and include it automatically into your post and replies.
  • Users can give thanks to a post inside forum
  • Subscribe to topics to get notifications about updates from that topic.
  • Post a reply or quote.
  • Favorite a topic
  • Share or invite a topic to friends.
  • Like their favorite topics and posts.
  • Can tag friends to a reply
  • Search replies inside a topic or global search to search entire the forums.
  • Can see basic statistic about the forum/topic like: number of replies, number of views….
  • A tag cloud widget provides easy filtering of topics
  • Sub-forums support
  • Multiple languages support
  • Member can pin a post. Pin a post can be configure free of paid in admin panel by site admin.
  • Work perfectly on mobile web and app (android + ios)


  •  My contribution
  • Recent forum topics
  • Most popular forum topics
  • Most viewed forum topics
  • Most active forum members
  • Tag cloud

 Admin features

  •  Allow admin to add / edit icons for forums and sub forums.
  • Manage forum main categories
  • Manage spam report
  • Enable recaptcha for avoid spam
  • Forum settings: Enable/disable forum, enable/disable pin topic, pricing setting to pin topic, Show/hide the expand, collapse option at main page, color settings for locked, pinned forums, file extension allows setting, by pass force login…..
  • Layout editor option for most of pages in forum so that you can add more blocks into forum easily.

+ Compatible with mooSocial 3.2.0
+ Compatible with mooApp 1.9
+ Improved: the photo upload icon

+ Compatible with mooSocial 3.1.8
+ Compatible with mooApp 1.8.1
+ Fixed: remove background for thumbnail of the forum
+ Fixed: show notice when searching for hashtag

+ Compatible with mooSocial 3.1.5+
+ Compatible with mooApp 1.5
+ Applied: new share on app
+ Fixed: spelling issue
+ Improved: auto resize the upload icon of forum
+ Improved: show actual photo in the post not just link to the photo
+ Improved: upload photo into forum topic


+ Fixed: Security issue – can add data for any users when edit item
+ Fixed: XSS issue

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