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Product Description

This module allows you and your members to create a Fundraising campaign to raise money for themselves or other.  By creating campaign, your members can gather voluntary contributions of money or other resources for their operations or a new project ideas….

Mobile App Support: Yes
Product Version and Compatibility:
– 1.0 for mooSocial 3.0.1 to 3.1.0
– 1.1 for mooSocial 3.1.1 to 3.1.2
– 1.1.1 for mooSocial 3.1.3
– 1.1.2 for mooSocial 3.1.3 to 3.1.4
– 1.1.3 for mooSocial 3.1.5
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Main features:

+ Create Fundraising Campaign
++ Set Campaign Category
++ Set Campaign Target
++ Total Raised
++ Set Campaign Time
++ Set Campaign Location
++ Set Payment Method: Paypal and Bank Transfer. None-loggedin member also can donate
++ Predefined donation amounts
++ Set Terms and Conditions
+ Browse Expired Campaigns
+ Browse My Campaigns and Friends Campaigns
+ Search Campaign
+ Popular Campaign Widget
+ Support paypal and offline payment method. Member can donate money to campaign without sign up a new account.
+ Can donate as anonymous
+ Campaign owner can modify email template that send to donors.
+ Multi language support.
+ RTL support
+ Mobile  apps compatible.

Admin Features

+ Enable/Disable Plugin
+ Set Number of Items Per Page
+ Enable/Disable Campaign Hashtag
+ Enable/Disable Paypal Test Mode
+ Enable/Disable Recaptcha to prevent spam when donating
+ Enable/Disable Bypass force login to show campaign for guests

+ Apply new share on app
+ Compatible with 3.1.5
Importance Note: This new version is not tested on mobile app yet. Don’t upgrade if you’re using mobile apps. 

+ Fixed: Security issue – can add data for any users when edit item
+ Fixed: XSS issue

+ Integrate with Openstreetmap

+ Compatible with 3.1.2
+ Compatible with MooApp 1.3
+ Add close campaign feature
+ Fixed translation bug,
+ Fixed link to incorrect campaign when user click on notification of deleted campaign


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Screenshot at Oct 26 14-46-59

Screenshot at Oct 26 14-48-41 Screenshot at Oct 26 14-48-28 Screenshot at Oct 26 14-48-14

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