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As the web gets better and faster, people nowadays tend to prefer videos over photos and documents. Live Streaming plugin is an important part of any social network that allows your members to reach and interact with everyone in real time, doesn’t matter wherever they’re. This plugin is designed based on Ant Media Server, it’s a one of the best streaming engine software that provides adaptive, ultra low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology with ~0.5 seconds latency. Ant Media Server is highly scalable both horizontally and vertically. It can run on-premise or on-cloud

Mobile App Support: YES
Product Version and Compatibility: ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH 3.1.5 +
– 1.0 for mooSocial 3.1.5+
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Note: this plugin does not include inside ULTIMATE or TITANIUM package

Demo links:

Web demo:

Android app demo:

Main features:

Frond End:


Broadcast live video


See my live videos, friends live videos, all live videos and play back


Notification when friends is LIVE


Real time interaction like comment, live, share.


Newsfeed update whenever friends is LIVE


Privacy setting for LIVE video. Member can select who can see his Live video. Support 3 options: Everyone, friends and Only me.



Manage live videos


Enable/disable the plugin

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Ant media server settings


Limit the live time setting for each user role. Ex: free member can only live max 5 minutes, Paid member can live 1hr…



1. Can LiveStreaming plugin works without a mooSocial based website?
No, mooSocial based website is required.

2. What are the system requirements and additional services to run LiveStreaming?
Ant Media Server – Enterprise edition
If you buy self-host Ant Media Server, you need an extra server (has root access) to install
Https for website is required.
Some references documents:

3. Does the installation include in the plugin pricing?
Yes, it’s. You should contact the support team after purchasing the plugin, they will help you set it up.

4. How long will the installation be?
It takes around 1-> 2 working days to get the plugin installed if all the required information is provided.

5. Will the source code provide?
Yes, it’s

6. Will mooSocial team provide custom development for LiveStreaming?
Yes, we do, please contact us for more details

7. Do you offer trial for livestreaming?
No, we don’t offer a trial now. Please check the demo carefully before making a purchase.

8. If I purchase the license, do I need to pay an extra cost?
Yes, the license of the plugin is ONE-TIME fee (installation included) but to run it you need to pay extra cost for the infrastructure. You can estimate the cost using this link

9. How many live videos can be streamed simultaneously?
Unlimited. It depends on the bandwidth and the concurrent users on your server.

10. How many seconds is allowed for streaming a video?
It depends on the settings of the admin panel. You can limit for each user role

11. Is there the limit of viewers on a live video?
Unlimited. It depends on the bandwidth and the concurrent users on your server.

12. Does it work on mobile apps now?
Yes it’s.

13. Does it work on mobile responsive now?
Not yet, currently version only support mobile apps and web browser .

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Web, Android, IOS, Android & IOS

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