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Question and Answer is a mooSocial plugin which allows you to build a complete Question & Answer system for your mooSocial site like Quora or Stackoverflow. The plugin supports multi-languages,  email notification system and so on.

Compatibility:                mooSocial 2.2.1 – 2.3.x – 2.4.x – 2.5.x- 2.6.x – 3.0-  Mobile Apps
Product Version:           1.0 – 1.1 – 1.2 – 1.3 – 1.4
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+ Browsing filters: All Questions, My Questions, My Favorites Questions, Friends’ Questions, Badges Page and Rating Page.
+ Keyword search capability.
+ Integrate with mooSocial’s search, tag and hashtag.
+ Category supported.
+ User can Create/ Edit (listing)/ Delete/ Report or Share Question.
+ User can Create/ Edit (listing) or Delete Answer.
+ Privacy settings.
+ Tag capability.
+ Vote question and answer up/down.
+ Point system and Badges system that allows member can earn points when creating question, voting….and get a badge for profile page.
+ History question and answer that allows you track what you have changed so far.
+ Tag system.
+ Statistics for Views, Answers, Votes, Favorite and Shares.
+ Multi-Language capability.
+ Responsive web capability.

Useful Widgets:

+ Featured questions.
+ Popular questions.
+ Recent questions.
+ Top Share questions.
+ Top Answer questions.
+ Top Vote questions.
+ Top Favorite questions.
+ My Questions.
+ Profile Question: this wiget should be placed on member profile to shows summary info about what member has been done so far on Question module.
+ Popular Question Tags.
+ Question Top Users.
+ Question Top Point Users.
+ Question Top Answer Users.
+ How do I collect points?


+ Questions Manager: Admin can view, edit, delete and featured user’s questions
++ Set “featured” question: to make a quesiton as featured.
++ Set visibility status to show or hide a question.
++ Approve question to allow site admin can approve pending questions posted by members.
++ Search by Title, Categories, Feature status and/or Visible status.

+ Settings:
++ Enable/ Disable Question plugin.
++ Limit tag per question.
++ Set Item per pages.
++ File type allow.
++ Enable Question Hashtag.
++ Auto Approval When A Question Added.
++ How many answers are allowed to be posted to the same question by a single user (0 or ” unlimited).
++ Number of points user receives when other user vote answer.
++ Number of points user receives when other user vote question.
++ Number of points user receives when other user mark best answer.
++ Number of points user receives when other user create question.
++ Number of points user receives when other user create answer.

+ Categories manager: Admin can create and manage categories for plugin

+ Badges manager: Admin can create and manage badges for plugin

+ Question Tags: Admin can create and manage tags for plugin

+ User roles setting: View Question.

+ Fix category translate

+ Compatible with 2.6.x
+ add feature “by pass force login”

+ Compatible with 2.5.x
+ Add feed when user answer question

+ Support mobile app
+ Fix title page
+ Add category on Menu Block
+ Fix some bug

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