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Speeding up your mooSocial Website


Product Description

We will help to improve your mooSocial Website Speed by installing CDN/Cloudfront, Amazon S3, APC Cache. We will also analyse the reasons that make your site slow by analyzing source codes, database queries, server services…. to find out which can be optimized. It will greatly improve your website’s performance thereby providing better user experience and enabling users to do more activity on the website.

Our Service includes:

+ Install CDN/Cloudfront, Amazon S3, and APC Cache.

+ Overall checking site, database ….to find problems that make site slow then fix found issues


1) Before ordering this service, you should have already signed up for:
– Amazon AWS (from here: http://aws.amazon.com/ . Amazon is currently offering a 1 Year – Free Usage Tier. To sign up for this amazing offer, please visit: http://aws.amazon.com/free/).
2) APC Cache installation must be allowed for your hosting. You may confirm this from your hosting company. If you are using a dedicated hosting (and not a shared hosting), then APC Cache installation is most likely permitted for your hosting.

Please enter the following info into order notes when purchasing this service:

1) AWS Account Login (You just need to do basic signup for AWS from here: http://aws.amazon.com/free/ and give us your account details. We will do the other AWS configurations for you.):

– Email
– Password
2) SSH or cPanel Details (if you do not know these, then please ask your hosting company):
– Host / URL
– Port number (for SSH details)
– Username
– Password
3) Site Admin Login:
– Site URL
– Admin Email
– Admin Password

This service is normally completed in one week.