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The Meetme – encounter plugin can turn mooSocial a professional dating social network. This plugin allows users to browse profiles and add them to a meeting list. Users can also browse people who want to meet them. Meetme plugin can combine with who near me, profile matching, who viewed me, credit, gift, and video, audio chat to turn mooSocial to complete dating social network.

Mobile App Support: Yes
Product Version and Compatibility:
– 1.0 for mooSocial 3.0.2 to 3.1.2
– 1.1 for mooSocial  3.1.3 to 3.1.4
– 1.2 for mooSocial 3.1.5+
– 1.3 for mooSocial 3.1.8+
– 1.4 for mooSocial 3.2.0

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Main features:

+ Ability to browse profiles
+ Ability to add a profile to meeting list
+ Ability to browse people who want to meet.

Admin features:

+ Enable/Disable Meetme Plugin
+ Set number of profiles shows per page
+ Set the number of add to meeting list per day
+ Show age at meet me page
+ Show gender at meet me page.

+ Compatible with mooSocial 3.2.0
+ Compatible with mooApp 1.9

+ Compatible with mooSocial 3.1.8
+ Compatible with mooApp 1.8.2


+ Compatible with 3.1.5+
+ Implement “Matches” tab


+ Integrate with Openstreetmap

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