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User Badges


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Product Description

The User Badges module allows each user to be assigned ‘badge’ which will be displayed at user profile page and profile popup. User Badges can be used as a way to establish trust, or as an incentive for users. They can also be a quick way to identify moderators, administrators, or anyone with a given role. Badge can be attached to a role by the administrator so that, for example, all users in the ‘admin’ role will show the ‘Administrator’ badge.

Compatibility:                mooSocial   2.4.x  – 2.5.x – 2.6.x, 3.0
Product Version:           1.0 – 1.1 – 1.2
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Front-end widgets

+ Member badge at profile page.
+ Member badge in profile popup.


+ Enable/disable plugin.
+ Manage badges: Upload, delete badge for each member role/level or to a specific member.

+ integrate with moo 2.6.x
+ fixed some bugs
+ integrate S3

+ integrate with moo 2.5.x
+ integrate to app
+ added role badge after username on feed, comment …

Screenshot at Dec 23 09-36-29profile popupadmincp