How to enable admob for mooSocial Android app

1. Go to admin panel -> plugins manager -> mooApp

2. Enter value for “Google Admob Banner Id “, see below screenshot. Save changes then check to see if the ad appear at android or not. Contact us if you have any problem when configuring.

3. Please search google to know how to setup and get “Google Admob Banner Id”. There are a lot of documents that you can reference.

Screenshot at May 31 10-18-34



How to enable admob mooApp on iOS”

1. Uncomment Podfile pod ‘Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK’ then run “pod install” in terminal

Screenshot at Jan 20 10-49-40

Screenshot at Jan 20 10-50-03

2. Search in project with keyword: “Support Admob” and uncomment follow pictures

Screenshot at Jan 20 10-50-38


Screenshot at Jan 20 10-51-12


Screenshot at Jan 20 10-52-03


Screenshot at Jan 20 10-51-46

3. Add GADApplicationIdentifier  to Info app.

Screenshot at Jan 20 10-52-50

Enter key “GADApplicationIdentifier”, Type String, Value is app id on Admob setting (How to get app id, please see NOTE)

Screenshot at Jan 20 10-53-30

4. Enter banner id on settings moosocial: Admin -> Plugin -> mooApp. (How to get banner id, please see NOTE)

Screenshot at Jan 20 10-53-43

5. Run App to  test

Screenshot at Jan 20 10-54-39

—– NOTE —–

1. How to get App Id?

Screenshot at Jan 20 10-55-13

2. How to get Banner Id

Screenshot at Jan 20 10-55-29

Recommended coding environment for Android and IOS APP

To build app, please download latest source code version at, unzip, read the readme file inside to know how to configure to build apk and ipa. For coding environment follow below recommendations:

Android: Android Studio 4.0.2,

IOS: xcode 10 +

Post a ticket here if you have any issue when working on the source code.