Creating Static Pages

At pages Manager/General click on Create New Page button located above Pages List.


#Press on Create New Page button and begin.


#1 Fill in your Page’s title.

#2 Fill in your Page’s alias

#3 Content of your page


#4 Fill in your Page’s Description

#5 Fill in your Page’s keywords

#6 Allow Comments, check to enable users right to comment on this page.

#7 Blocks inherit, if you want this page to be displayed with all the blocks & widgets like another page, select any of its pages lists.

#8 Permission for user roles, this setting will decide user roles to access your page.

When you’re done, just click on Save Page and receive a message like this:


#Page saved.

Return to Pages Manager and see your newly created page:


#Your new created page.

Now take a look at your newly created page at Front End:


#Your new created page.

II/How to add New Page to your menu:

After a page is created, you can find it at Menu Manager:


#1 Select page you created

#2 Add to Menu button.

Then you must Save Menu to make it effective.


#3 Press on Save Menu button.

Then your Main Menu will look like:6281d14458d152819854276bfe0748fb.jpge:

#Your page has been added to your menu.

Last Updated On March 08, 2018