How to add user badge?

Create user badge for new user role

1. Log to your backend

2. Create new user role

Screenshot at Jan 21 15-20-08

Screenshot at Jan 21 15-21-04

3. Go to plugins manager > User badge

4. Create New User Badge

Screenshot at Jan 21 15-22-14 Screenshot at Jan 21 15-23-23


Edit Existing User Badge

1. Go to plugins manager > User badge

2. Click edit button

Screenshot at Jan 21 15-27-05

3. Change the badge you want

Screenshot at Jan 21 15-42-33


Award badges for user

You also can award badge to user manually thru “Awards manager” in admin panel.  Below are steps:

1. Admin panel -> Plugins manager -> User badges -> Awards manager tab

Screenshot at Aug 24 15-46-11

2. Click on “Add new” to add a new badge.

3. Go to “Layout editor” to drag and drop the “Awards badges” into profile page

Screenshot at Aug 24 15-49-24

4. Login as admin or people who has permission to award badge, go to profile page to award badges to member.

Screenshot at Aug 24 15-51-15

You can assign admin or moderator to take care of the “Award badge” job thru role settings.

Screenshot at Aug 24 15-52-55

Last Updated On August 24, 2021