Load Balancing setup service


Product Description

Your site has a very high traffic and you want it to serve hundreds of thousands of concurrent requests from users? This is a perfect service for you. We will help you setup/enable  load balancing service from Amazon, digital ocean OR Linodes. When load balancing is enable, it will automatically divides the incoming traffic and scales the resources to meet the traffic requirements. This can be understood as dividing the work that a single computer need to do among multiple computers.

Required information for Service: Please enter these info into order note upon purchase.

1) AWS,  digital ocean OR Linodes Account credentials

– Email
– Password

2) SSH or cPanel Details (if you do not know these, then please ask your hosting company):

– Host / URL
– Port number (for SSH details)
– Username
– Password

3) Site Admin Login:

– Site URL
– Admin Email
– Admin Password

This service is normally completed in one week.

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