Content Management


Events are the important part of any social community. Events are also a great way to connect with your online community. And Social network also provide a great way to promote offline events.

Understand all that, mooSocial offer an event app where people can create and manage their events and promote their events within a mooSocial network platform.

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Event Features

  • Display an events by grid or list
  • RSVP (reserve options: attending, maybe attending, not attending)
  • Filter events based on category
  • Create Hashtag for an Event
  • Search Events based on keyword and categories
  • Set Privacy for a Certain Event (public, private and invite only event)
  • Report a Event
  • Popular Events Widget

Topic discussion

Topics are one of the most effective ways to obtain user feedback on a certain issue.  Discussion topic plugin has quite useable features that required to run the online topic like user comment, photo and attachment upload.

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Main Features

  • Display topics by grid or list
  • Topic Privacy: public, private and invite only
  • Filter topics based on category
  • Add Hashtags for a topic
  • Search topics based on keyword and categories
  • Report a topic
  • Popular blogs Widget
  • Popular topic hashtag widget



Within a larger social network community, groups are a smaller community. Groups can be classified by category or interest, with members who share similar interests sharing information with one another.

On mooSocial, groups can be created by the administrator or by users based on the administrator’s settings. Each group has its own activity stream where members can submit photos, videos, and links, among other things.

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Group Features

  • Display groups by grid or list
  • Group Privacy: public, private and invite only
  • Filter groups based on category
  • Hashtags for a group
  • Search groups based on keyword and categories
  • Report a group
  • Popular groups Widget
  • Create Group photos
  • Upload Group Videos
  • Create Group Topics
  • Create an activity in group
  • List members
  • Recent joined Members widget


Video has now been proven to be more appealing to viewers than any other medium. Recognize the distinction, mooSocial is a fantastic tool for communities to post their own videos. Users can share videos straight from their PCs or from popular video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

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  • Share Video from Youtube and Vimeo
  • Filter videos by category
  • Hashtag for quick search
  • Search Videos based on keyword and categories
  • VIdeo Privacy: User can select who to view their videos
  • Report a Video
  • Popular Video Widget


Photo albums is crucial part of any social network where people will upload their favorite photos to share with other. Photo albums is a built-in function already on mooSocial.

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Photos Album Features

  • Profile photo album
  • Multiple category selection
  • Photo tagging
  • Rotate photos
  • Photo Theater Mode
  • Search Photos album based on keyword and categories
  • Privacy Control
  • Report a Photo
  • Upload multiple photos via news feed post
  • Multiple Photo Uploads
  • Popular Albums Widget
  • Like, Comment, and Share Album