Generate fake accounts

mooDating includes a plugin called “Fake users” that allow you to create fake accounts.  To install this plugin, please go to admincp -> Plugin manager -> manager -> Not installed plugins -> Find the “Fake user” plugin and click on “Install” action to install plugin

After the plugin is installed, you can find it at Admincp -> Plugin manager -> fake user

Screenshot at May 17 16-30-52

You then can enter number of users you want to create, role, gender, location…..then hit create. System will start adding users. Some info of the fake user like interests, about…will auto generate by system.

API document

mooDatin script’s REST API provides secure JSON REST API for your mooSocial based website. It provides a standardized programmatic interface between your mooSocial based website and outside applications, thus enabling all types of integrations with external applications and development environments.

For api document: please check here

License and support

You can purchase a license from out website here

  • One license can be used one domain only, means you need a license for every domain.
  • 2 month Free support is included inside the pricing and you can extend more later at client area.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute or resell mooDating in any way.
  • Our timezone is gmt+7 (Mon-Fri from 9am -> 18PM), Ticket/request will response within 24hrs and a bit delay at weekend and holidays

Change log

V 1.2

New features:

  • Added new look and feel for default layout
  • Sign up process: Added “Profile preference step”
  • Added “increase popularity”
  • Profile page: Completely re-design
  • Added “Find a match” and improved “Encounter”
  • Added search and Advanced search
  • Added ‘My popularity” section that includes: matched, profile visitors, I viewed, Liked me, I liked and friend requests
  • Premium: Added a few permission settings for paid membership.
  • Added “Poke”
  • Added “Profile background” change into profile page
  • Improved Interest module: now member can select from the list, admin can define the list in admincp. Member also can add more interest if admin allow to do so.
  • Profile info: Added basic profile fields and profile data for each field. Ex: height, weight, body type…..
  • Privacy setting for profile: Who can share a post into my profile, who can see my friend
  • Profile note: Added into profile page
  • Profile spotlight + Suggestion block: These block will show paid profiles only.
  • Opposite gender improved.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a log of found bug from version 1.0


See more details here

V 1.0

First version

Payment gateway setup

The credits (E-Wallet) and paypal are two built-in payment gateway. You can also enable the following payment gateways

  • Stripe: see more details here
  • CCBill (for 18+ site): see more details here
  • Payfast payment gateway: see more details here
  • Integrate with any other payment gateway thru payment gateway integration service from mooDating team.