How to post a new topic into the forum ?

With Forum plugin, users can create topics or contribute to the discussion by sharing comments on the topic. In this tutorial will show you how to post a new forum topic.

Go to Forum detail page, click on Create New Topic button.


At the Create New Topic page.


Input data to these fields:

         [1] Title

         [2] Description

         [3] Thumbnail (optional)

         [4] Attachments (optional)

         [5] Tags (optional)

         [6] Tag members

         [7] Upload images

=> Click on Save button

The forum topic has been posted successfully.


How to pin the forum topic to the top ?

Members can pin a post on top. Pinning a post can be configured for free in the admin panel by the Site Admin.

At Back-end: Go to Forum => Forum Settings


[1] Check on “Yes” to enable topic pin.

[2] Enter the price.

[3] Choose background color for pinned forum.

=> Save Settings button.


At Front-End: Go to Forum Topic detail page

Click on the option icon => show a drop-down list => select Pin.


Enter the number of days you want to pin => Click on Pin now button.


Go to Payment Gateway page => Select gateway to make the payment process.


Complete the payment process, return to the site.



On the Forum Topic detail page: Your topic has been pinned to the top successfully.


How to add a new forum ?

An online forum is an effective community building tool where your website visitors can get involved by posting questions, sharing solutions, new ideas, and more. This article covers the process of creating a new Forum.

At Back-end: Go to Forum => Forum Manager 

Click on Add forum => show pop-up.


Input data to these fields:

      [1] Forum title 

      [2] Description

      [3] Forum Category: select category for your forum

      [4] Thumb Image: recommend size: 48 x 48

      [5] Status: has 2 options

          + Open: Default

          + Lock: Only Site Admin and Moderators can post new topic into the forum.

      [6] Visibility

         + Default: Everyone checkbox is checked.

          + Everyone checkbox is un-checked: this forum will be disable with all members.

      [7] Moderator (optional)

=> Click on Save button.


At Front-end: 

Users will see the forum on the Forums browse page. 


How to create a Forum Signature ?

Forum plugin allows you to have a signature and automatically include it in your posts and replies.

To create a signature, go to Forum Topics Browse page => click on Signature


Go to Signature page.


Enter your signature => click on Save Signature button.


Your posts and replies will have your signature.