How to turn your community site to approved only mode

Access Admin Dashboard => System Settings => Security

Enable the ‘Approve Users’ function by checking on the “Approve Users” checkbox => Click on the Save Settings button.


After enabling the function, your site will go into approved only mode.

When a new user registers to join your site, the account will be pending until the Site Admin approves the request.



To approve join requests, the Site Admin goes to Admin Dashboard => Users Manager

The Approved status will be “No” when your site turns to approved mode.


Click on the account you want to accept the request to join


Change the Approved status to “Yes” => Save Changes button.


Now Users can now join your site.

How to configure SMTP for email sending

Go to Admin Dashboard >>> Mails

Choose Mail settings tab



#1 From name: you can input something for from name

#2 From address: you can input from address

#3 Send mail using build in function or SMTP

#4 server SMTP Host for email

#5 SMTP Username, usually email name

#6 SMTP Password, email password

#7 SMTP Port for email

#8 Email send in queue or send immediately

#9 Choose SSL or TLS for email server

#10 The number email will send each time

Click save to save email setting

the follow picture is example we configure for google email


How to modify sign up form and add more custom fields

To modify sign up form and add more custom field, we do follow

System Admin -> Profile types to go Profile types manager

Click Add new profile type


#1: input profile type name (example: Individual)

#2: Check active to make it visible on sign up form

Click save to add new profile type name

In Profile types manager, click Individual to go Profile Fields Manager

Click Add new field



#1: Name of field (Example : Education)

#2: Field type

#3: Description of field

#4: Required: required to input on sign up form

#5 and 8: To visible on sign up form

#6: Visible on search form

#7: Visible on profile of user.

Click Save Field to create new field

We can add new one or more fields for Individual profile


If we sign up new user, on sign up form, we can see new field Profile type, in Profile type if we choose Individual, a field Education display, we have to input value for Education field.



How does the “View feed from all members” in roles setting works

Access Admin Dashboard –> Site Manager –> User Roles

Click on the selected role name to edit user role

On Activity – Pemissions role, check on ‘View feed from all members’ checkbox.



Click Save to save setting

Now the users belong the selected role be able to view feed from all members (Include the private feeds from other users).