How to customize fields for Property Category?

Using the Property Listing plugin, the Site Admin can associate dynamic fields with each category. This guide will walk you through the process of adding new category fields.

(Back-end) Access Admin Dashboard => Plugins Manager => Properties

On the Fields tab, click the Add New Field button => show pop-up.


Fill in these fields:

     [1] Field Name: enter text.

     [2] Category: select Property Category

     [3] Field Type: select field type

     [4] Description: enter the content.

     [5] Required checkbox: tick here for Required Field.

     [6] Searchable checkbox: tick here to allow members to use the search and filter functions.

     [7] Active checkbox: tick here to enable the field.

     [8] Order: enter number.

=> Click on the Save button. The Fields have been saved successfully.



When members post new property, they will be requested to fill in several fields/questions according on the category they choose.


Members can also search for properties by category fields on the Properties page.


Last Updated On July 19, 2022