How to integrate Store plugin with Business plugin

Store plugin can be integrated with Business page plugin. If “Business plugin” is integrated, members need to open a business page before creating a new store. Buyers can see list of products inside “products” tab of business profile, write a review for business profile and check to see if the business profile is verified or not.

Note: Install the Business plugin first to use the Store Integration functionality.

At Back-end:

Go to Store  => Settings => Integration


Check on “Yes”  => click on the Save Settings button to enable integrating the Store plugin with the Business plugin. 


At Front-end:

User must create a business page first to be able to open a seller account

Go to Store => Become a Seller => show pop-up


Click on the “Open business page now” button => go to Add new Business page


After creating the business and store, the information will be displayed here


Last Updated On May 13, 2022