How to manage and translate emails

1. Manage Mailing Template

You can configure Mails content that will send to users. There are many templates of emails for cases or roles.


#Mail templates manager layout.

Let’s take a look at the Templates list:



Now we take example on Welcome Mail:

First, select Welcome at Choose Email field to config, this email template is used for sending to new Members signed up.


#1: Select Language for the template.

#2: Emails Templates.

#3: Description of the template.

#4: Subject of the Email Template.

#5: Message to users.

#6 Save Changes button.

*In #5: Message to users[header] and [footer] are email templates, they will display in your emails sent to users, you can config them by selecting Choose Emails field.

2. Translate email

Goto System Admin >> Mails

In Manager Mail Template tab,

Choose Por in language pack (example we choose Por language), if not have Por language yet, please see to install new language

there are many template emails in Choose email

We choose each of them and translate into Por language at Subject and Message body

Example Header template, we translate as bellow


Click Save change to save email template.

Now, example we translate email template Friend Request to Por language,


After change translate we have bellow


Click Save Changes  to save template email.

Goto System Admin >> System Settings >> Genneral

Select Por at Default Language and click Save settings.

At front end, we change language to Por language


Now the site translate into Por language.

When a user A ask friend request with other user B, user B will receive email in Por language.


Last Updated On February 27, 2020