How to use POEDIT

POEDIT is used for translating static data (ex: notifications, messages, error messages…etc)

Find our language package, located at [mooSocial/app/Locale/], look for a folder eng, this is English default language, copy this folder and paste into location you preferred (backup)



#eng folder contains English language, copy & paste to your preferred location.

Now we start translating the backup:

Open poedit and select Create new translation


#Select Create New Translation

Select a po file in eng/LC_Messages:


#1 Select PO Translation files filter.

#2 Choose default.po located at [eng/LC_message/].

The poedit will ask your language for the translation, as example, to Vietnamese:


#Select your language.

The poedit layout explanation:


#1 The original text strings

#2 Translation strings

#3 Suggestion for translation (dictionary)

#4 Source text

#5 Translation

There are 2 ways to translate:

First, we can translate text string manually, click on the text string you want to translate and input your language to Translation text box:


#1 Select string you want to translate

#2 Input your translation

Second, the suggestion for translation, click on the text string you want to translate, then select any of suggestion:


#1 Select text string

#2 Select suggestion

After translation is done, save with ‘default.po’ and continue.


#Press save button

Now change your language package folder’s name, within 3 letters, ex: vie (Vietnamese), copy this folder into [yourmooSocial/app/Locale/]


#Change your translated language folder’s name and copy & paste into [yourmooSocial/app/Locale]

Open Admin Dashboard and go to Site Manager/Languages Manager/Not Installed Languages.

Now press on the install button


#Press on Install button to start installing new language.

Wait for the install process is completed.

After successfully installed, users can change to new language:



Last Updated On February 24, 2020