How to translate mooSocial

There are three methods for translate mooSocial

– Direct translate

– Download language package and translate

– Use plugin (you have to pay a cost)

I. Direct translate

It is very easy to translate mooSocial to your language. The default language file can be located at app/Locale/eng/LC_MESSAGES/default.po. If you want to translate mooSocial to a language that is not already in the Locale folder, you can copy the default language folder to a new folder (e.g. fra) and start translating the new language file using your favorite text editor (use UTF-8 to avoid problems). The language folder name must conform to the ISO 639-2 standard.

The msgid must be the english language string. This means it must not be changed. The one that contains the translation is msgstr.

To install the new language after uploading the language folder to Locale folder, go to Admin Panel → Site Manager → Languages Manager → Not Installed Languages then click Install. It is necessary to clear Global Cache when using a new Language by going to Admin Dashboard → Clear Global Cache.

Note: use Poedit from to easily edit the .po files, you can use poedit to translate mooSocial here

II. Download language package and translate

You can download language packages for mooSocial  for free at then follow the below instructions to install them into your mooSocial site.

The language packages will send by email to you.

Extract the download file, you will see the following folders: cake.po, default.po, mail.po, permission.po and setting.po.

Create a new folder for your language pack. Such as For French, you should name the folder as “fra” at [yourmoofolder\app\Locale],


for other languages, please refer here to know how to name the folder .

Create a sub folder name “LC_MESSAGES” inside “fra” folder.


Open cake.po folder, rename the file inside this folder to cake.po, open default.po and rename the find inside this folder to default.po….do the same for all above folders. After all files have been renamed, please copy all files into the “LC_MESSAGES” folder that you create above. Now, you have a language pack for French language and it’s ready for install.

Go to Admin Dashboard >>> Site Manager >>> Languages Manager.

Choose tab Not install Languagues  and find the uninstall language (fra language) click install.

Go to Admin Dashboard >>> Clear Global Caches

At the front end, we click to English to choose Fra language to translate


III. Use pluging

Translate Tool plugin helps to easily translate mooSocial to your desired  language directly in admin panel instead of editing po file in web folder. It also helps to translate content entered by members such as status updates, comments, blogs, topics…into your current selected language using Google Translate Service.

Main features:

+ Translate content entered by members such as status updates, comments, blogs, topics…into your current selected language using Google Translate Service.
+ Translate all labels in mooSoical into your languages directly in admin panel instead of editing po file in web folder.

Admin features:

+ Enable Translation
+ Enable Feeds Translation
+ Enable Comments Translation
+ Enable Blogs Translation
+ Manage all language phrases and allow you to translate all phrases in po file to  your languages directly in admin panel.

Importance: Google Translate Service is required.

Video guide

Translate language for Menu or Widget using Admin Dashboard

In this section, we will show you how to Translate Menu’s title, Widgets Title, Category Name, which are dynamic data by using Admin Dashboard.

Translating Menu:

Taking example, now we go on a try with Home on menu. Let’s get to the Menu section in Admin Dashboard/System Admin/Menu.

After pressed on dropdown button to explore Home menu settings, we will see a Translation button below the Navigation Label’s field:


#Press on Translation to begin translating the Home menu title.

Now, the Translation popup is displayed, all you need to do is input your translated content to the language you preferred and press on Save Change to make it effective:


#Input your translated content to the preferred language’s field, save change to make it effective.

Let us return to Front-end and see how it’s effective, remember to change language to your preferred language.


#Change language to your preferred language.

Now, the content you applied for Home menu is now taken effect from translation:


#The content is now translated.

Translating Widget:

To begin translating a widget, we must go to Layout Editor in Admin Dashboard, which located: Admin Dashboard/Site Manager/Themes Manager/Layout Editor.

With this guideline, we taking an example on Who’s Online widget which is at Home page.

Now go to Layout Editor, select Home Page at dropdown and begin editing.


#Select Home page to begin editing.

Next, we find the Who’s Online widget, press on it’s edit button.


#Press on edit button on widget you wanted to begin translating.

Now the edit popup displayed, we need to press on Translation to begin translation


#Press on Translation.

Now, input translated text to your preferred language, then click save change to make it effective.


#Input your translated text, and save change to make it effective.

Now at Front-end, users that using your preferred language will see it translated.


#The preferred language is now translated the Widget Title.

Translating Category Name

This article will show you how to translate a Category Name, taking example on a Video’s Category. First of all we must get to the Category Manager from Videos Manager


#Go to the Plugin Category’s Manager.

Now select a Category you want to translate.


#Select a Category to begin translating.

When the popup displayed, find the Translation button, its located below Category Name’s field.


#Press on Translation button when popup displayed.

Now, just like the others, we will have to input translated text to the preferred language, press on Save Change to make it effective.


#Input your translated text and Save Change.

Now let’s see how the Front-end being effected.


#User will see ‘Movies’ Category translated to ‘Filming’.


#The Category has been translated.


Last Updated On February 27, 2020