How to post a new recipe ?

Recipe Plugin has everything members need to easily manage and showcase recipes on mooSocial’s social networks. This article will show you a simple way to create secret recipes or cooking tips through the Recipe plugin.

Note: Recipe plugin has the map, you need to configure Google or OpenStreetMap api (Add Google Developer Key Or Enable OpenStreetMap)

Go to Recipe => Click on Post a New Recipe button


Go to Post New Recipe page:

  • Info tab


Fill in the blank fields:

       [1] Enter a recipe title.

       [2] Select category.

       [3] Enter the description.

       [4] Upload the thumbnail.

       [5] Enter the cooking time.

       [6] Enter hashtags.

       [7] Choose the privacy for the post.

       [8] Tick to show the recipe in search results.

       [9] Enter the nutritional information. 

=> Click on Save button.

  • Ingredients & Method tab: Enter the overview => Click on Save button.


  • Location tab: 

Enter your location or Drag and drop the marker to get the address.

=> Click on Save Changes button.


  • Photos tab:

Click on the Upload Photos button => show pop-up.


Upload photos for the recipe >> Upload Queued Files button >> Save Photos button.


  • Videos tab: Users can share Youtube/Vimeo videos for the recipe.

Click on the Share new video button => show pop-up

7         (1) Select video source (Youtube/Vimeo)

         (2) Paste the URL.

=> Click on the Fetch Video button. The video has been added successfully.


Click on View Recipe to view your recipe post.


Last Updated On July 13, 2022