How to setup mail Queue

You should enable mail queue if a number of emails will send from your Niche Social Network site is over email sending limits of your hosting server.  Here is how to configure:
1. Go to System admin -> Mails -> Mail settings tab -> Select “Yes, enable email queue” at Email Queue field.

2. Enter appropriate value into “Mail Count” field.  Mail count is a number of emails will send out from your site every 1 minute (you can change this time interval by changing “Background Mailer” cronjob at System admin -> Tasks -> manage settings. If you’re not sure how to change it, please keep it default 1 minute. )
Ex: your hosting email sending limits per hour is 1500 emails (contact your hosting provider to know to get this number)
Number of emails can send max per minute will be: 1500/60 = 25 emails
 –> Value for “Email count” will be 25 in this case.
Importance: if you enable email queue, email sending will be delayed as all emails will be added into queue first then send later.
Last Updated On June 12, 2018