How to setup mail Queue

You should enable mail queue if a number of emails will send from your Niche Social Network site is over email sending limits of your hosting server.  Here is how to configure:
1. Go to System admin -> Mails -> Mail settings tab -> Select “Yes, enable email queue” at Email Queue field.

2. Enter appropriate value into “Mail Count” field.  Mail count is a number of emails will send out from your site every 1 minute (you can change this time interval by changing “Background Mailer” cronjob at System admin -> Tasks -> manage settings. If you’re not sure how to change it, please keep it default 1 minute. )
Ex: your hosting email sending limits per hour is 1500 emails (contact your hosting provider to know to get this number)
Number of emails can send max per minute will be: 1500/60 = 25 emails
 –> Value for “Email count” will be 25 in this case.
Importance: if you enable email queue, email sending will be delayed as all emails will be added into queue first then send later.

Bulk Mail Settings

Follow these steps to send Bulk Mail to users:

1. Select “Bulk Mail” under System Admin control.

2. Input Mail Subject, Emails Cycle (Number of emails will be sent out in a cycle) and Mail Body


3. Click Send Emails button to send the email to all users or click Send Test Email button to (TBD).

4. A confirmation popup will be shown, click Ok to continue or Close to abort.


5. Click Close button to close the popup when all emails have been sent out successfully.


6. Now all members will see a new email as below sample: