mooSocial 3.1.8 roadmap

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New Features

New Theme! New look and feel for the default theme.

The landing page is redesigned! Replace the “Register form” with “Login form

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Brighter and bigger icons

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Share a post is also redesigned!

Create a separate page for members to share a post to make it more user friendly and improve loading speed for home feed. Members can click on “+” at the home page header or “What’s in your mind” text at home feed to start sharing a new post.

Screenshot at Nov 17 12-04-59 Screenshot at Nov 17 12-03-59 Screenshot at Nov 17 12-03-44

Footer icons for mobile web

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Events plugin improvements

  • Event search: Can search events by country, city, state and or zipcode. Can also search by event start date
  • Event notification: event owner will get notification when someone joins his/her event
  • Notification will send to all attendee if event owner update event schedule
  • Event reminder: to reminder attendee xx day before event start date
  • Event for group: Can create an event for group

Groups plugin improvements

  • Add option to search member in “member tab” of group
  • Block user from group: allow owner to ban a member from group and manage list of banned members to unban
  • Group loading speed

We also address found bugs from 3.1.7 at this version.