Layout editor (drag and drop)

The ability to edit a layout for any page is a MUST for any successful social network platform. Understand all this, mooSocial provides an excellent feature called layout editor where any pages on mooSocial platform can be designed with a specific idea in mind. It also comes with many prefab widgets where it can be applied to any page design. These widgets can be dragged and drop and can be stacked.

image 27


  • Edit column layout: one column, two column or three column layout
  • Many prefab widgets
  • Drag and drop widgets to specific column
  • Filter widgets by plugins

Static/html page manager

on mooSocial, static pages are managed by static pages manager plugin. Site owners can create, edit and delete any static pages on mooSocial platform. They can also add page title, and page description for page to get index faster by google bot.

Main Features

  • Add, edit and delete page
  • Add page description, page title and page meta tags
  • Unique page alias
  • Set page permission allow which user role can access the page
  • Tinymce for page content
  • Enable/Disable comment to add comment or not to a pageimage 27

Plugins manager

Plugins manager is the place to mange all mooSocial platform plugins. Site owners can install, uninstall new plugins. They also can download the plugin to their local machine.

image 27


  • Install/uninstall plugins
  • Download plugins
  • Installed plugins list
  • Not installed plugins list

Country manager

we know that our clients are from different part of the world Where each country has different way to manage state, province and zip code. So the ability to manage these info is essential for a successful social network platform.

On mooSocial, we provide a tool to mange these info which is country manager plugin. Site owners can create new country and and states to this country. They can even add translation to these states and country.

image 27


  • Add Country
  • Add State
  • Delete Country
  • Delete State
  • Change orders
  • Add Translation for country and state

Language manager and translation tool

All languages on mooSocial is managed in language manager section. Site owner can install new language, delete languages here.

Translation tool is a tool for site owners to translate a specific phrase to their preferred language or change the default phrase to another phrase in English language.

image 27 image 28


  • Installed languages list
  • Not Installed languages list
  • Delete Languages
  • Translate a phrase
  • Change a phrase