Customizable HTML block

Html block is the most versatile features on mooSocial social network platform. This feature allow site owners create a static content block that could be insert to any pages. It requires site owners to have some basic HTML and CSS skill to do but when it’s mastered. It’s a very useful tool for site owner.

Html block can be used to create a banner, announcement. It’s even used to create a static menu if site owner familiar with site structure.

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Advanced settings for theme

Advance Theme Settings is a powerful tool for mooSocial network site owners to customize look and feel of their site. Site owners can change any part of the site from header, footer to main page content. Site owners can also even change dark mode theme to the color scheme that appropriate for site identity.

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Customizable landing page

on mooSocial, Site owners can design their own landing page based on the structure of mooSocial. They can create an open content or close content landing page. Open content landing page is a landing page where site owners preview a sneak peak about their website though widgets. They can show recent updates, popular blogs or topics, popular groups…

They can also create close landing page where content of the site is hiding and users required to login in order to view content of the landing page.

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Select layout

Site owners can select their preferred layout for their landing page design. It can be one column, two columns or three columns as the site owner design choices.


mooSocial provides variety of widgets that site owners can incorporate to their landing page.

SEO Setting

Site owners can set their landing page title, page description for their landing page.

Dark mode

Dark mode is the ability to change the look and feel of the website into darker palate. Dark mode is not a trending feature but it’s a must on any digital product because it not only saves energies when viewing on OLED devices but also it’s best for readability and it help¬†reduce eye strain in low light conditions.

on mooSocial platform, dark mode is a built-in features. Users can decide to turn it on and off whenever they like.

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