How-to change text phrases on Landing page

This tutorial shows you how to change text phrases shown on the landing page of the Default theme. We will change the phrases highlighted in the red box to the phrased highlighted in the orange box or to anything you’d like. Visit mooCommunity for more how-to and support.

Frist, we would need to get the file “default.po” from your web server. It is located in app/Locale/eng/LC_MESSAGES.

Use any text editors to open and edit this file but make sure it can be saved in its original format with .po extension. We recommend using poedit, notepad++ or sublime text.

In edit mode, locate the phrase you would like to change and input your changes in the quotation mark of its msgtr string. Be sure not to change the original text in msgid string. Make sure you are familiar with Gettext system for proper syntax and format before making changes.

Save default.po file and upload it back to your web server after all changes have been made.

Reload your site or open it in a new browser to see changes.

This concludes the tutorial, Please leave any questions or comment below. Thank you for watching!

Location of default.po: …/app/Locale/eng/LC_MESSAGES
Gettext System:

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