How-to integrate Google APIs for YouTube video sharing

After mooSocial is freshly installed, you will need to integrate YouTube Data API library from Google APIs to your community site if you plan to use the Video plugin. It is needed for sharing and displaying YouTube videos on your social network. Otherwise, you will receive a “Youtube API key is invalid” error when trying to share a Youtube video. We will need to obtain a Google Developer Key (or API key) from Google and save this key in Admin Dashboard – System Settings – Integration – Google Developer Key.

Go to to enable YouTube Data API Library and obtain an API key credential for your project. Login with a google account and create a new project if necessary. Once you are in your selected project, go to Library and select YouTube Data API then click Enable. Your YouTube Data API Library is now enabled, go to Credentials, Click on “Create Credentials” and chose “API key”. Copy your newly created “API key” and paste in the Google Developer Key section. Click “Save Settings”. You will now be able to share and obtain contents from YouTube when sharing videos from its website.

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