How does the “Popularity” section work?

In this guild, we’re going to explain you all the modules under the Popularity section at home page

Matched: you can see your matched members here. They liked you and you also liked all of them. For each member, you can click on profile picture to see full profile and can send message because they’re your friend. At home page (newsfeed), you will see updates from all of them also. As admin,

Screenshot at May 10 13-58-09

Profile visitors: you can see who viewed your profile here. As admin, you can configure at to allow your member to view other profile as anonymous.

Screenshot at May 10 13-58-53
I viewed: list of profiles that you have been visited so far will list here.

Screenshot at May 10 13-59-25
Liked me: List of profiles who liked you and waiting for you to check and like back to become a match will display here. As admin, you can configure to only allow Paid membership member can access this module

Screenshot at May 10 14-00-08
I liked: list of profiles that you liked and waiting for them to like you back to become a match.

Screenshot at May 10 14-00-39
Friend requests: shows list of member who want to be friend with you.

Screenshot at May 10 14-01-23

How does “find a match” and “encouters” works?

After your member sign up and login, they can visit “Find a match” or “Encounter” to start finding friend to chat, date…..

Find a match: is a place that shows all of members who matched with “profile preference” of current logged in member. You members can apply the filter or narrow down the the list of profiles by interests.

Screenshot at May 10 11-59-32
Encounter: is core feature of your dating site, if A liked B and B also liked A they will auto be friends and then can start chatting and system also unlock all profile details. Same as the “Find a match”, the encounter section only show member who matched with “profile preference” of current logged in member.

Screenshot at May 10 11-59-46

How does the home feed work?

The home feed only shows updates from your following and friends. You also can see a block called “Spotlight”, this block display all members who subscribed  Paid membership or boosted profile thru “Increase popularity” feature.

Manage genders

I this section, we will guide you how to define genders for your dating site. For each gender, how to map it with others for matching purpose.

  1. Go to Admin panel -> Plugin manager -> Gender manager
  2. Click on “Add new” to create a new gender. Ex: Man looking for women, Man looking for gay, Women looking for man
  3. After all of desired genders are created, it’s time to do mapping. Mapping is very importance to allow system to suggest correct genders to your member based on their profile preference.

Ex: “Man looking for women” mapped with “Women looking for man”, if your profile reference is “Man looking for women”, “age from 18-> 30″, “From USA” and “Im here to chat”. You only can see members who are “Women looking for man”, “age from 18-> 30″, “From USA” and “I’m here to chat”. You can’t see people who are not matched wit your profile preference.

Screenshot at May 09 15-00-58 Screenshot at May 09 14-52-43

How to allow member to add more interest item into system.

By default, member can only select list of interests from the predefined list. If you want to allow them to add more interest, please follow below steps

  1. Admincp > Plugin manager -> Dating -> Setting
  2. Find the setting “Allow member to add new interests?”
  3. If you select “Yes”, your member can select the interests from the list defined by you also can create a new one. The new one only can visible with member who added. If you want to publish it to all members, you need to review and enable it at “Interest” tab (see below screenshot)

Screenshot at May 09 16-20-41 Screenshot at May 09 16-19-50 Screenshot at May 09 16-16-13